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Buy Instagram followers in Nigeria safely, quickly & easily. FameSavvy got specific black profiles to make you known personality in the crowded platform. Pick up your desired plan and start getting noticed now.


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How FameSavvy Service Works?

FameSavvy has safe & standard working procedures. Follow these complexless steps & sit back to see results rolling out to your social profile.

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Pick Your Perfect Match

By means of perfect match, you should consider your best Social agency and the package you need to purchase. Figureoutyour target audience and then the quantity of that audience. We offer 6 packages for Nigerian Instagram followers; choose your favorite and click Buy Now.

Buy Twitch Followers FameSavvy

Give Us Your Basic Information

Once you decide what you need for your handle, the next step is entering your information like Username of the account, Your WhatsApp/ Number and any working Email. You can also add special notes for special orders as you see an optional choice on Checkout Page.

Buy Twitch Followers FameSavvy

Clear Dues on the Same Page

Happy Shopping at FameSavvy! You'll see a form to enter your payment information. We accept Credit/Debit Cards, Paypal (upon request) & Crypto as well. After clearing payment you'll see an instant flow of people from your area that may interact with you and can be your friends or customers.

Know More About Our “Buy Instagram Followers Nigeria” Service!

Answering every Social user is our Mission. Following are the most asked questions during 7 years FameSavvy Journey.

Are the Followers Nigerian?

Yes absolutely. We are the only one selling cheap Instagram followers from Nigeria. You can buy as many as you can without being compromised in quality.

Will Others Know If I Buy Instagram Followers?

A Big No. We care about your privacy and tend to use safe and organic methods to make your growth more natural. Moreover, we don’t demand your personal information to proceed with the service. So you can be pretty sure that it’s only you & FameSavvy who knows you are buying followers, likes pr views.

Can I target The Followers from the Cities Like Lagos and Benin?

Thanks You Asked. As FameSavvy processes the service with networking campaigns, you can pick up the areas like Lagos, Bening or Abuja for getting Ig followers. We have 10 years contract with young Nigerians to help us bring real people towards customer profiles.

Is There any danger, if i Purchase Followers?

Myths, Myths and Myths. Internet is full of fake information. We assure you that you’ll never at red zone whether you buy 100 followers or 10 Million. Famesavvy guarantees safe servcies to our Nigerian based clients. 

Can I Buy 1000 Real Nigerian Instagram Followers?

As mentioned above, we are happy to deliver you as many followers as you want. Therefore, You can buy 1k engaged followers for Instagram to unleash your potential.

I Purchased Followers but nothing Comes, What's Now?

Here, we work under automatic networking server. Sometimes there can be server downs or people can be a bit busy on some events to like or follow your profile. But we still guaranteed to deliver the service within 24 hours after you placed the order.

Can I Choose 2 Social Agencies At Once?

We don’t recommend using multiple agencies on a single account simultaneously. You must have to choose a single growth vendor for building your online presence. Although using 2 agencies doesn’t cause any threat, you are still safe.

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Buy Real, Active IG Followers At One Stop Shop

From a fresh Instagrammer to famous Influencer, new tiny marketer to competitive IG brand; all we deal with authentic Nigerian based followers. You’ll never feel hassle to be called as a cheater. How? Because your every competitor is doing that. Research reveals that 65% Nigerian brands including small and majors are buying Instagram followers from Social Servicing Sites. Therefore, FameSavvy is building awareness to work on your niche, choose a right track and buy Instagram followers Nigeria without breaking your bank. You can consider yourself  safe during the procedure.

Salient Features of FameSavvy


Since 2016, FameSavvy earns several awards for catering the most real Nigerian accounts in our bucket. With connections to Social Apps, and networking with community of Nigeria; we got authenticity in the field. Our Connected people living in Nigeria follow you as high-quality followers and engage with your content.

Real Followers

We don’t play with fake profiles, FameSavvy has active users from Nigeria to rock your Instagram.

Guaranteed Fast Delivery

Build your Followers faster than bullet speed with our super-secure environment.

24/7 Customer Support

Knock us on WhatsApp anytime you need assistance regarding your order or for consultant.

Secure Payment Methods

FameSavvy offer you buy Instagram followers with secure options like debit credit card or invoicing.

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Previously, I was buying followers from other sellers but they keep dropping. I decided to try FameSavvy and it was the best decision. Received some extra followers with a free refill. Thanks!

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I was hesitating to buy from a new service provider in the industry but I was amazed by their services. They went beyond my expectation. Would Recommend!

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“I really love it when Bought Followers Started to like my Instagram posts”

So, I tried FameSavvy to buy Nigerian followers for my Instagram business and I was surprised to see the results. They delivered Followers in less than an hour. I loved it. Thanks for your great service!

Why should you Purchase IG followers?

It’s clear that proper engagement & audience is every influencer’s and almost every Instagram user’s desire. But how do we achieve the ideal engagement? For achieving perfect insights, we need followers. Followers are the people who give your work a boast, they like, share and comment on your posts and stories. They are basically the audience for whom you make all the content. They let you know what they feel is nice and what isn’t. But that is only possible with organic following. Followers who actually engage, the real ones not the fake ones who don’t engage appropriately.

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What to Expect While Buying Followers

What to Expect While Buying Followers from us?

As social media has become an increasingly integral part of our lives, so too has the need for social media servicing agencies. These agencies provide a wide range of services, from content creation and management to social media marketing and advertising. FameSavvy promise to deliver Instagram followers after 10 minutes of your purchase.

When searching for a social media servicing agency, it is important to consider what you hope to gain from a relationship. Read More

Best Site to buy Instagram followers in Nigeria

Best Site to Buy Instagram Followers Nigeria

Whether you’re trying to build up your personal brand or promote your business, FameSavvy is the best site to grab real IG service in Nigeria. FameSavvy is a social giant; providing you the opportunity to buy Instagram followers cheaply for half of the decade. Our consistency and non-drop followers made us the perfect site to buy followers in Nigeria.  Read More

Compliant With Instagram Algorithm

FameSavvy Aims to deliver service in safe manner. We don’t breach Instagram policies and deliver genuine IG service from Nigeria to make you a competitive marketer.